Ariana Grande drops new album track list, considers touring: “I miss my fans so much”Ariana Grande drops new album track list, considers touring: “I miss my fans so much”

Katia Temkin

Ariana Grande‘s new album, eternal sunshine, is coming out in on March 8, and she’s finally revealed the track list on Instagram, as well as snippets of some lyrics.

Fans seem excited to hear the final song on the album, “Ordinary Things,” because it says it features “Nonna,” otherwise known as Ariana’s grandmother. Others are intrigued by lyrics like “I’ll hold your hurt in a box here beside me” and “how could we know we’d make the bad stuff delightful?”

As for whether or not Ariana plans to tour behind eternal sunshine, well, she says that’s still “TBD.”

Speaking to the Zach Sang Show on the Amazon Music channel on Twitch, Ariana says, “I think I would love to do shows. I love being onstage. I miss being onstage. I miss my fans so much.”

But, she notes, “I had a really hard time emotionally on my last tour, but I think that’s because that’s where I was at. So just like music, I’m really excited to redefine my relationship to shows when I’m ready and to see what that looks like.”

Ariana points out that she has a “very busy year” thanks to the new album and Wicked. Next year, she’ll have Wicked Part II. So, if she did tour, she explains, “It would obviously be shorter. If it was anything, it would be a littler … something.”

“But I definitely do have the itch,” she reiterates. “I miss my fans. I miss being onstage. But then again, I’m not ready to announce any sort of thing or get people too excited because I don’t want to disappoint.”

If Ariana does tour, it’ll be her first since the Sweetener World Tour, which wrapped up in 2019.

Here’s the track list for eternal sunshine:

“intro (end of the world)”
“don’t wanna break up again”
“Saturn Returns Interlude”
“eternal sunshine”
“true story”
“the boy is mine”
“yes, and?”
“we can’t be friends (wait for your love)”
“i wish I hated you
“imperfect for you”
“ordinary things” (feat. nonna)

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