Ariana Grande reveals more song titles, additional album cover for ‘eternal sunshine’Ariana Grande reveals more song titles, additional album cover for ‘eternal sunshine’


Ariana Grande has vowed not to release any more singles from her upcoming album eternal sunshine, but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to feed her Arianators.

The singer has released several more song titles from the album, which is coming March 8, including “bye,” “supernatural” and “we can’t be friends (wait for your love).” In addition to lead single “yes, and?,” the previously revealed titles are “intro (end of the world)” and the title track.

Ari’s also revealed the latest version of a number of different album covers; this one features 12 different images of her, all in a red tint. 

The other album covers are an out-of-focus close-up of Ari’s face, an image of her holding red-gloved hands over her head, an image of her covering her face with her hands, four images of her with her gloved hands all in a different position and a picture taken from the back, which appears to show her blond, ponytailed head resting on her own shoulder.

“We wanted to give you a few different options that capture the emotional ups and downs of this album, each thoughtfully created by the talented Katia Temkin,” she writes on Instagram. She also reveals that each vinyl version of the LP comes with a lyric booklet — there are two different versions — and exclusive photos.


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