Camila Cabello will spill it all on upcoming ‘Call Her Daddy’ episodeCamila Cabello will spill it all on upcoming ‘Call Her Daddy’ episode

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Camila Cabello is spilling the tea big time on the latest edition of the Call Her Daddy podcast, which will drop Wednesday.

In an excerpt of the episode posted on Instagram, Camila talks about sex, addresses rumors she was dating Drake and teases what happened between her and Shawn Mendes.

In the clip, Camila raves about the “chaotic, sickening feeling” of first love, says she’s not a “slow burn” person when it comes to relationships and notes she was on “a vacation plus some work” with Drake, which she followed with a big wink.

She then says she’s had to lie to her friends about guys she’s dated “all the time” and that she’s a “proponent” of break-up sex, adding, “Do it until it’s out of your system.” Camila also says “it’s known” that she’s “a fan” of “getting back with your ex.”

“If I’m wanna text him, I’m gonna text him,” Camila says, to which host Alex Cooper responds, “It looked to the world like you and your ex, Shawn Mendes, kinda, like, dabbled with the idea of getting back together. What was going on?”

The excerpt cuts off there, leaving us hanging.

“This episode is the girl talk we all needed,” reads the caption.

Camila and Shawn, who first broke up in 2021, appeared to rekindle their relationship in April before breaking it off again.

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