Demi Lovato has “a vision” for her bridal look — but wants to keep it a secretDemi Lovato has “a vision” for her bridal look — but wants to keep it a secret

Demi Lovato and fiancé Jordan Lutes; Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Demi Lovato got engaged last year and, while she says that she and her fiancé, Jordan Lutes, haven’t really made any big decisions about the event, she definitely has an idea of how she wants to look when she heads down the aisle.

Speaking to People, Demi says, “Right now, it’s just easy-peasy. Let’s get a planner and let’s look at venues. So it’s pretty calm right now.” The “Confident” singer describes herself as “chill” about the whole thing, but she knows that will inevitably change.

“I’m sure [there will be stress] …  like, ‘Oh no! We have to get a florist and we have to get this and we have to do that’ … and I’m sure I’ll be stressing about the weather … but I’m also just really looking forward to it,” she says. 

While she won’t reveal when she and Lutes will tie the knot, she has her bridal look all planned out.

“I definitely have a vision,” she tells People. “But I’m not going to say because I don’t want [Jutes] to hear it. I think what I want for my dress is [to keep it] secret from him so that he doesn’t know what I’m wearing until I walk down the aisle — but we’re planning.”

Demi shared a bit more about what she’s going to do with her hair on the big day with Cosmopolitan.

“I am definitely trying to grow it out … I’m trying to get it as long as possible,” she says. “I’ll probably use hairpieces day-of, but I’m trying to keep it healthy [until then].”

She adds, “A part of me wants to go red again—like an orangier red—but I might wait until after the wedding.”

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