Dua Lipa’s personal beauty icon may surprise youDua Lipa’s personal beauty icon may surprise you

Dua Lipa for YSL Beauty, photographed by Élodie Daguin

Dua Lipa has graced the covers of dozens of magazines and worked with some of the most influential fashion designers, photographers and stylists in the business throughout her career. But she says her personal beauty icon is someone a lot closer to home: her mom, Anesa.

Speaking to ELLE about her new role as YSL Beauty’s global makeup ambassador, Dua says, “I’ve always looked through her makeup bag first, before anyone else’s. That was my first introduction to makeup and the way she carried herself. I’ve always looked up to her in terms of style and makeup. She’s my beauty icon.”

In fact, after Dua decided to dye her hair red while making her new album, she tells Vanity Fair, “I … just realized that it’s exactly the same hair color my mom used to dye her hair when I was younger. My mom always had reddish, purpleish, dark autumnal hair.”

While Dua has yet to release the title or track list of her upcoming album, she tells Vanity Fair that she knows what kind of makeup will best capture the spirit of the project.

“Less of everything, because it’s an after-hours album,” she explains. “If you’re going to go out dancing, I think a lipstick and some mascara and just get sweaty. That’s the vibe.”

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