Em Beihold on new headlining tour, surprising connection with Noah KahanEm Beihold on new headlining tour, surprising connection with Noah Kahan

Lissy Raricchia

Em Beihold‘s first headlining tour kicked off February 20, but a few days before that, she told ABC Audio how headlining will be a big change from her previous tours opening for artists like Lewis Capaldi.

“I feel like it’s always been sort of, ‘OK, I have 30 minutes to fit all my songs and a little bit of talking,’ but this time … I’ve actually talked to my band about like, ‘How do we loosen this up?'” she said.

“I want to be silly. We’re going to be talking more … it’s going to be more fun,” she predicted. She also promises special guests and new songs. “When you play the set so many times, just adding some new energy is very special,” she noted.

Em, whose hit “Numb Little Bug” and her new track “Maybe Life Is Good” both mention mental health issues, is also making that a component of the tour: One dollar from each ticket will go to Active Minds, an organization that brings attention to mental health, especially on college campuses.

There’s no word yet on who Em’s special guests will be, but she’d be thrilled if a certain artist who attended her first live performance several years ago made an appearance: Noah Kahan.

“I was freaking out. This was also before everything was going crazy for him,” Em said. “He came to my show at The Hotel Cafe and then we wrote together the next day.”

“He’s just such a special, incredible person and so inspiring to me,” she said of Noah. “I’m honored to be anywhere near his orbit.”

So, is she sending him tickets?

“Uh, I’m assuming he’s busy … but I should,” she laughed. 

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