“Hardcore Swiftie” Millie Bobby Brown tracks Taylor’s movements”Hardcore Swiftie” Millie Bobby Brown tracks Taylor’s movements

Weiss Eubanks/NBC Universal

Millie Bobby Brown is about to become Jon Bon Jovi‘s daughter-in-law, but her personal music taste leans more to Taylor Swift. In fact, while appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Wednesday, she described herself as a “hardcore Swiftie.”

“I know exactly where she is at all times kinda thing,” the Stranger Things actress added.

“Some might call that a stalker … but who needs to say words?” Kelly joked. Millie insisted that her tracking of Taylor is “loosely based” and therefore not stalker-ish.

She continued, “I love Taylor … I went to the Eras Tour and it was just … it was the most amazing experience. The fans there are just so … they’re the same as me — we love her that much. And you know how she does, like, surprise songs at each show? We have a board, me and my sister, and we, like, cross out the songs that she’s done, so we know which ones are left, so that we know what she’s gonna do next.”

Millie said she flew to Ohio just to see Taylor.

“She played ‘evermore’ and I collapsed to the ground,” she joked.

Mille stars in the Netflix film Damsel, which debuts on Friday. Taylor’s currently playing in Singapore on her Eras Tour.


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