In new song “S.A.D.,” Nicky Youre trades “Sunroof” for pouring rainIn new song “S.A.D.,” Nicky Youre trades “Sunroof” for pouring rain

Thirty Knots / Virgin Music

Into every life a little rain must fall — even if you’re the guy who sings about having your “Sunroof” open all the time.

Nicky Youre is back with a new track called “S.A.D.,” which he calls his “most vulnerable song yet.” He says the song comes from “a place of being overwhelmed with my own thoughts and feelings.”

He adds, “This song is different for me, because it was the first time in my life that I’d ever felt the way that I did when writing it. It came to me at a time when I was supposed to be the happiest I’d ever been, but somehow, I felt smaller than ever. Thankfully this song and this moment in time was the start of rediscovering who I was.”

In the video for the anthemic song, Nicky walks through a field with sunflowers, but when the chorus kicks in, the sky turns dark and suddenly he’s singing in the pouring rain.

He sings, “I just wanna be OK alone/ I don’t wanna be miserable/ I don’t wanna keep on holding on/ S.A.D. overload.”

According to his record label, Nicky has more new music on the way.

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