Lance Bass’ mom cried when she heard “Paradise,” Justin Timberlake’s new song with *NSYNCLance Bass’ mom cried when she heard “Paradise,” Justin Timberlake’s new song with *NSYNC

Luca Venter

We won’t get to hear “Paradise” — the song on Justin Timberlake‘s new album that he recorded with *NSYNC — until next week, but at least one person had a very strong reaction to it: Lance Bass‘ mom.

Speaking to USA Today, Lance says of the song, “We recorded that a long time ago when we recorded ‘Better Place,’ so we’ve been sitting on this for a while.” 

“Better Place” was, of course, the group’s reunion single for the Trolls Band Together soundtrack, which came out in September 2023.

Lance adds, “[It was] hard not to talk about it. I’m glad that it’s about to come out because it is such a special song. One of my favorites I’ve ever recorded. My mom cried immediately when she heard it. So it’s Mom-approved.”

Speaking about “Paradise” in an Instagram video, Justin said, “Speaking for me personally, because everyone knows who’s on the song, I guess I would [describe it as] nostalgic. But new!”

Since Justin is going on a solo tour this spring, any *NSYNC reunion — if there ever will be one — will have to wait. Meanwhile, Lance is working on a movie about his real-life prom night with actress Danielle Fishel and producing a show about searching for the next great boy band.

Lance says if he could do anything, though, he’d be the host of Big Brother, but he knows the current host, Julie Chen, isn’t going anywhere. He also says he’d be down to host a show like The Traitors “in a heartbeat.”

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