P1Harmony’s “Fall in Love Again” is a gateway to the “huge world” of their musicP1Harmony’s “Fall in Love Again” is a gateway to the “huge world” of their music

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P1Harmony‘s breakthrough single, “Fall in Love Again,” is a collaboration with famed producer Tricky Stewart, who’s created hits for Britney Spears, RihannaMariah CareyJustin Bieber and more. But P1Harmony member Keeho says it wasn’t until the group got in the studio with Stewart that they understood how special the song was.

“In the beginning I didn’t realize, but [Tricky] kind of had this whole thing planned out,” he tells ABC Audio. “And just seeing it come to life slowly, as we added the vocals onto it, I was like, ‘This song is great … it’s just such an easy song to listen to and just sing along to.'”

“I’m very, very happy and we put a lot of work into it, so we’re very grateful,” he adds.

But Keeho notes the six-member K-pop group has many different musical sides. If the romantic, pop-sounding “Fall in Love Again” is the first song you’ve heard from them, he says it’s not entirely representative of everything they can do.

“We are always trying new genres and experimenting [with] stuff,” he says. “So I think they’ll be very surprised to hear [our] other stuff, because I feel like ‘Fall In Love Again’ is on the very lighter, and fun and … brighter side.”

Keeho hopes “Fall in Love Again” will inspire new fans to check out their six EPs so they can discover the group’s versatility.

“Hopefully, when they tune into the rest of our music, they’re able to find more and more sounds that they really like and just things that they can really fall into and just really love,” he says. “And if ‘Fall in Love Again’ is that gateway to this huge world of P1Harmony, I’m more than thankful.” 


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