Pink stops Australian concert as woman in audience goes into laborPink stops Australian concert as woman in audience goes into labor

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Pink stopped her concert in Sydney, Australia for a moment — because a fan went into labor.

The Daily Telegraph reports a woman went into labor in the mosh pit at Allianz Stadium on February 9 while Pink was in the middle of singing the tune “Our Song.” As fans frantically signaled for Pink to stop, a medic came and took the woman away in a wheelchair, waving to the crowd.

“Is it Alecia or Alex being born right now?,” Pink joked, indicating that the baby should be named after her birth name, Alecia. “I feel like we shouldn’t be looking!” After confirming that the baby hadn’t actually arrived right there at the stadium, she shouted, “Congratulations!”

Pink also said she was surprised that it was “Our Song” that kickstarted the woman’s labor, noting, “I thought it would have been like ‘Get the Party Started’ or ‘Never Gonna Not Dance Again.’”

After the concert, which took place in the pouring rain, Pink posted on Instagram, “Sydney!!!!!! That was a wet one!!!!! Come rain or shine- we are out here. We helped bring a baby into the world, we found a new favorite candy bar- [my son] Jamo made his debut, and I outlasted my entire family.”

Pink was referring to the fact that while her daughter Willow is a regular performer during her show, her son Jameson hadn’t been onstage until Friday, when he briefly ran on and off the stage.

“Also flashed the crowd on the way back to dressing room. By accident. I think,” she wrote. “I’m so happy to be here!!!!!!”

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