Pink’s supporting opening act GAYLE on her “pull-up” journeyPink’s supporting opening act GAYLE on her “pull-up” journey

Burak Cingi/Redferns

Last year, GAYLE tried to get in shape so she’d have the stamina to open for Taylor Swift and Pink. She worked out a lot, but never managed to master one thing: doing a pull-up. But since she’ll be opening for Pink again this year, she’s decided to make 2024 the “year of the pull-up.”

On Instagram, the “abcdefu” singer posted a video in which she says, “I love you, mommy Pink. I can’t wait to spend the summer with you again.” She then announces she’s going to document her attempts to master the exercise before the tour begins.

“When I think about going on tour with Pink, I think about backflips, splits, jumping off of things and back on to things, being in the sky,” GAYLE says, referring to Pink’s aerial stunts. “And most importantly, I think about her upper body strength.”

“I’ve wanted to do a pull-up since I was 12, and I’m 19 and I still can’t,” she notes. “I know this is a very difficult thing, so every single day, I’m gonna try and do a pull-up. Will I stick to that? Odds are not likely. … I’m gonna take you on this journey with me.”

“It’s gonna be very emotional: high highs and low lows,” she concludes. “And then next, a backflip.”

Pink commented on GAYLE’s post, “You can do it!!!!!!!! Also I can’t do them either! CHALLENGE!!!!!!!! And then backflips together.” She also reposted GAYLE’s video on her Instagram Story.

GAYLE’s 2024 dates with Pink start in June, so she’s got plenty of time to work on it.

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