Prepared by Bryan Fowler

What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of 1230wiro.com is to serve as a "live" Tribute Station to the Legendary 1230 WIRO as we knew it.   Our primary goal is to keep the WIRO Brand strong and prominent in Ironton, to honor the WIRO Heritage and to be a source of entertainment as we play Ironton's Greatest Hits as a Full Service Digital Broadcast Station.

Who Owns this website?

Fowler Media Partners

Company Officers of Local Interest include:

Bryan Fowler, President
Symmes Valley High School Class of 1995
Media Broker, Owner and Operator of Stations in the Nashville, Tennessee Market and recently WIRO-FM.

Jody Fulks-Fowler
Ironton High School Class of 1987

Does 1230AM in Ironton still broadcast?

1230AM (WITO) is still on the air and broadcasts a Modern Christian Worship Format presented by KW Ministries and is affiliated with Expression Church of Huntington, West Virginia.  KW Ministries has been the licensee of 1230AM (WITO) since 2022 when it was selected by the Aloha Trust (iHeart Media) to take over the license.  It is branded as Expression Radio.   Their website is: https://expressionradio.org/

Is the tower at the intersection of US 52 and SR 93 at Radio Plaza still in use?

Yes,  the 1230AM signal still radiates from the original tower.  The 107.1FM Antenna Bays can still be seen near the top of the structure as does the 950STL to the former studios at iHeart in Huntington.  The tower, building and land are owned by a large out of town conglomerate. They became owner during the iHeart Chapter 13 restructuring.

Who owns the AM Terrestrial License of 1230AM in Ironton, Ohio?

KW Ministries of Huntington, West Virginia.

Who is KW Ministries?

Kevin West is the President of KW Ministries and Expression Ministries Network, author of Living a Transformed Life and his latest book Angel in Aisle 3. He also is the Senior Pastor of Expression Church of Huntington in Huntington, WV.

Are the Studios at Radio Plaza on the Hill still in use?

While the building is still standing, the building is no longer in use and has been virtually vacated since the 1990's.   It does still exist as a transmitter shack for AM1230.  The building is in major disrepair after decades of no maintenance and vandalism.

Where are the Red WIRO Neon Call Signs?

They are being refurbished back to their original state by a Sign Company in Dallas, Texas.

Is there old broadcast equipment in the Radio Plaza Facility?

Any and all old broadcast equipment was removed from the Radio Plaza Building prior to the license being conveyed to KW Ministries in 2022.    The only thing of value that was recovered from the building at the time of the transaction was an original newspaper clipping on an old bulletin board of Ken Auble's Obituary.   This was kept.

Do old airchecks, recordings, carts or reel to reels exist?

No.  Nothing of significance exists besides the personal collections of some Alumni and Sunday Morning Broadcasters.   There are no formal assets in existence.

Where are the WIRO FCC calls signs at presently?

The WIRO Calls Signs are presently in use by 98.3FM in Garrison, Kentucky-a station serving the greater Portsmouth/Ironton/Ashland Region and is owned by Fowler Media Partners, LLC.

Is Ken and Rose Auble still alive?

Rose is still alive and participated heavily in the research and approval of the station history and the Ken Auble Tribute with Mr. Gordon Hall.

Ken passed away in 1999.
Link to Obituary Courtesy of The Ironton Tribune (Mr. Ken Auble)

Does WIRO still broadcast Ironton Football Games?

Neither 1230AM (WITO) or the Tribute Station broadcasts Ironton Games.   While 1230 WITO made their intentions to continue the long lasting broadcasting of the games several months before the license of the radio station was to transfer,  Ironton City Schools after being approached by multiple media outlets decided they would open up a dialogue with other media entities to potentially carry the games.   1230AM decided to forego the negotiation process and bowed out.    This was when the WIRO call signs were moved to 98.3FM  Ironton was fortunate to be able to keep the voice of the Tigers, Jason Philyaw.  The Ironton Games are now carried on WZWB-AM 1420 (Kenova, West Virginia),  and the iHeart Radio App and are announced by by Longterm Veteran Broadcaster,  Jason Philyaw.

Fox Sports 1420AM on Radio-Locator

Visit the Fox Sports 1420AM Website

Listen Link for Ironton Sports on iHeart (1420AM WZWB)

Does WIRO still broadcast Lawrence County Election Results?

Yes, on 1230wiro.com

Is 107.1 (The Original WITO-FM) on the air?

107.1 FM is now owned by EMF (Educational Media Foundation), the owners of Christian Radio Networks K-Love and Air1.   107.1 is an affiliate of Air1 and its call signs are presently WAWT.

Air1 Website

Radio-Locator for 107.1FM WAWT (Ironton, Ohio)

Can AM1230 (WITO) have an FM Translator?

The window for FM Translators and the period of aggressive AM Revitalization ended in 2017.  There are no expected windows in the coming decade but owners could buy an existing translator or move one in if there was a signal that qualified.