Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lizzo were asked to appear in JLo’s ‘This Is Me … Now’ filmTaylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lizzo were asked to appear in JLo’s ‘This Is Me … Now’ film

Todd Williamson / January Images

The music film that Jennifer Lopez made to go along with her album This Is Me … Now features a bevy of famous faces — from Jane Fonda to Trevor Noah to Sofía Vergara — playing members of the Zodiac Council, who weigh in on Jennifer’s character’s love life. But it turns out there were some equally big stars who were asked to participate, but didn’t.

In The Greatest Love Story Never Told, a Prime Video documentary about the making of This Is Me … Now, we learn some of the stars who were asked to cameo in the film but were either unavailable or said no include Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lizzo, Jason Momoa, Jennifer Coolidge and Snoop Dogg.

But Jennifer tells Entertainment Weekly that she’s perfectly happy with the stars who did say yes.

“They were giving me a list of all these amazing people, and I was like, ‘Yes, I like all of those people, but that’s not what I want,'” she tells EW. “My first people were Jenifer Lewis and Jane Fonda, and they were like, ‘Wait, we don’t get it. This is like music. This is young.’ And I was like, ‘No. This is a council of people who I want to be very diverse. I want all different kinds of people.'”

Jennifer also says that if you watch the documentary, you’ll see she’s not disappointed when she’s informed that such-and-such star isn’t available.

“The casting director and the other producers came in and they were like, ‘How about this person? This person’s not available.’ And they started saying all these people,” she explains. “If you see me sitting there, that’s not what I want. What I want is people who represent a certain thing, who could understand what I’m trying to do here.”

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