Teddy Swims still doesn’t know why people love “Lose Control”Teddy Swims still doesn’t know why people love “Lose Control”

Joseph Cultice

“Lose Control” by Teddy Swims has reached a new peak on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming his first top five hit; it’s also hit #1 on Billboard‘s Digital Song Sales chart. Teddy says he knew the emotional song would be a hit, but he still can’t explain why.

“People listen to that song and I don’t know why they love it. I don’t know why,” he tells ABC Audio. “I think it’s kind of the function of good music, though, ain’t it? It’s just like, ‘Ooh. That’s touching my heart. That’s just touching me. I need to hear that,’ you know?”

“And, I don’t know why it works, but we all know it works,” he adds. “And I knew it was going to work.”

“Lose Control” is from Teddy’s album I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy (Part 1). But that raises the question, will there be a part 2?

“Yeah, there’s going to be a part 2,” Teddy tells ABC Audio, adding that he’ll be in LA for the next few months working on writing new material. However, he says he’d like the next album to be a little different from part 1.

“I got some hopefuls that I kind of want to go on the second part,” he says of his new songs. “I do want the next part to be not so, like, heartbreak-y. Y’know, I want it to be, like, maybe resolution and happiness and maybe I just need to fall in love again, y’know?” 

While we wait for Teddy to fall in love again and write some happy songs, we can enjoy the all-live version of Part 1 that he released a couple weeks ago.

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