Teddy Swims talks “Lose Control,” collabs and tattoos for ‘MTV PUSH’Teddy Swims talks “Lose Control,” collabs and tattoos for ‘MTV PUSH’

Courtesy of MTV

What does Teddy Swims have in common with Billie Eilish, SZA and Jack Harlow? He’s been singled out by MTV PUSH. Teddy is the program’s Global PUSH Artist for the month of February. You can now watch a series of videos featuring him performing and talking about his musical journey.

In one of the clips, Teddy describes creating his top five hit “Lose Control.” He says, “We knew that song was really going to change my life… I just felt it. I never really felt like that that much before … I was just like… this is really going to work.”  

He adds, “We wanted to kinda go for something that was the same feeling you get from a ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ by Chris Stapleton. There’s just that one kind of intricate run and when someone sings it … it really kinda grabs you from the very first line of the song.”

Teddy also says one of his favorite collaborations is the 2022 song “Bad for Me” with Meghan Trainor. “I can’t say enough about how incredible of a person that she is,” he raves.

In addition, the tattoo-covered singer reveals to MTV that his most meaningful tattoo is one that’s a tribute to his grandfather, who always told him never get his face tattooed. After his grandfather died, Teddy says his grandmother described him as being “home at last.” So, he went out and got “home at last” tattooed on his face just to “make him mad one last time.”

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