Tori Kelly releases new song “high water,” announces new album ‘TORI.’Tori Kelly releases new song “high water,” announces new album ‘TORI.’

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Following her health scare last year, Tori Kelly has released a new song inspired by the ordeal called “high water.” She also announced a brand-new album, TORI., due out April 5, which follows her 2023 seven-track EP tori. It’s available for preorder now.

In a statement, Tori says, “I have been working on my next album for the last few years, exploring new sounds and expressing so many different sides of myself. I thought I had covered it all until I had a health scare in July of last year that reminded me just how fragile life can be.”

In the soulful song, Tori sings, “I know/Something is comin’ in the mornin’/If I can make it through the night/Whatever comes/ hell or high water/I know, I know what’s on the other side.”

Her statement continues, “‘high water’ is about simply holding on and believing that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Now my hope is that [‘high water’] will uplift others in whatever they might be going through and encourage them to keep going.”

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